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Enhance your communication with TinyForm's Twilio SMS integration, enabling instant, customizable SMS notifications straight from form submissions.

Integrating TinyForm with Twilio SMS for Instant Notifications

Connect your TinyForm to Twilio SMS and start sending instant SMS notifications upon form submissions. This integration lets you notify multiple recipients instantly, ensuring timely communication and response.

Features of TinyForm Twilio SMS Integration:

  • Instant Notifications: Automatically send an SMS notification when a form is submitted.
  • Multiple Recipients: Send SMS notifications to various phone numbers simultaneously.
  • Customized Messages: Gain full control over the content of the SMS messages.
  • Data Integration: Seamlessly include collected data within your SMS notifications.

Setting Up SMS Notifications with Twilio SMS:

  1. Access the Add-ons Manager in TinyForm and select 'Twilio SMS'.
  2. Click on 'Set Up a Form'.
  3. Configure the SMS notification settings in the form that appears:
  4. Form: Choose the form that will trigger SMS notifications.
  5. Status: Toggle between:
  6. 'On': to enable notifications.
  7. 'Off': to disable notifications.
  8. Account SID: Enter the required API credential.
  9. Auth Token: Enter the required API credential.
  10. From: Specify an alphanumeric sender address (also known as the SenderID).
  11. To: Enter the recipient's phone number in E.164 international format (e.g., +447700900000). For multiple recipients, separate numbers with commas.
  12. Text Message: Draft the body of the SMS message.
  13. Once all fields are accurately filled, click 'Create'.

After setting up, each time the specified TinyForm is submitted, an SMS notification will be sent to the designated numbers, containing the message you've set. This integration ensures your communication is as instant and effective as your data collection.

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