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Frequently asked questions

Is tinyform really free?
TinyForm was created as a solution to overpriced form builders and restrictive paywalls. That's why we offer TinyForm for free within reasonable use limits, ensuring you can gather unlimited responses without worrying about account restrictions. All TinyForm creations carry a subtle 'Powered by TinyForm' badge, supporting our mission to grow our user community. For those needing more advanced features, TinyForm Pro is your gateway to enhanced capabilities, including brand removal, team collaboration, and more – all for a transparent, fixed price.
Is tinyform GDPR compliant?
Rooted in UK, TinyForm adheres strictly to the GDPR regulations, offering you a secure and compliant form-building experience. For more information on GDPR and TinyForm, please visit our detailed GDPR FAQ section.
How does TinyForm stand out compared to other form builders?
TinyForm sets itself apart by providing a robust and user-friendly platform, allowing unlimited forms and responses at no cost. Our intuitive interface mimics a text document, making form creation and customization as simple as typing. Unlike others, we prioritize user-driven growth over investor expectations, ensuring your needs are always at the forefront. Our public roadmap is a testament to our transparency, and we're just a message away, guaranteeing responses within a day. Explore our detailed feature comparison to see how we stack up.
Who is behind Tinyform?
TinyForm is the brainchild of Sam 🇳🇬 and Victoria 🇬🇧, proud to be an independently bootstrapped venture. Learn more about our journey and team here.
How can I be part of the Tinyform community?
Our strength comes from our dedicated, global user base. We're committed to nurturing this vibrant community. If you're keen to contribute – whether through organizing meetups, crafting templates, or joining as an affiliate partner – you're in the right place. Join us in shaping the future of form building!

Meet tinyform — free & powerful form builder.

Fraud protection, zero liability.
Fraud protection, zero liability.
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Powerful form builder
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Fraud protection, zero liability.
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